Cancellation & Purchase Policy

Cancellation Policy:
RIGHTS TO CANCELLATION. You may cancel this agreement without penalty or further obligation for any of the following reasons and the Member has the right to a pro-rated refund in the event that they paid a lump sum for their membership and they cancel prematurely for one of the following reasons:
- If, upon a doctor’s written order, you cannot physically receive the services because of the significant physical disability for a period of three (3) months or more.
- If you move your residence from the island of New Providence, Bahamas
- If you die, your estate shall be relieved of any further obligation for payment under this agreement not then due and owing.
- If the services cease to be offered as stated in this agreement.

Your notice of cancellation must be in writing, signed by you, and sent to Empire Fitness. You must return with your notice of cancellation all agreements, documents, membership card, or any other evidence of membership.

Purchase Policy:
MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS. Any individual 13 years of age or older is eligible for membership at Empire Fitness. Membership includes a member’s right to use the facilities in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and Rules which may be amended from time to time.
MEMBERSHIP DUES AND CHARGES. Your membership is a one month (30 days), three month (90 days), six month (180 days), one year automatically renewing agreement payable upon renewal of term.